Letter to my future self

Dear my future self.
How is your current health?
I hope you still remember me.
I am your past self, you see.

Now I am only forty four.
Yes that was thirty years ago.
I wrote you this letter.
I wrote to myself in the future.

I know you are now quite old.
What is your current role?
Are you now a grandparent?
Are you playing with your grandchildren?

Are you now wealthy?
More importantly, are you happy?
Have you lived your full life?
By the way, how is your wife?

Do you still write rhymes?
I bet you have plenty of time.
Does Facebook still exist?
Is Mark Zuckerberg still very rich?

Do you have any suggestion to me?
What kind of a man should I be?
I know I will never get these answers for now.
But I promised I will always make you proud.


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