Everyone is now talking about startup.
They are talking at the office, at home, or even in pubs.
So what is startup by the way?
It is the business that can change the world, some people say.

Startup is the business that is repeatable and scalable.
It can reach millions of people like a miracle.
That’s why people are crazy about it.
The growth rate is enormous not just a little bit.

I have a chance to do some research.
No, I am not considered myself an expert.
I found that most startup lost their money.
Still many people want to do it, that’s silly.

I had a chance to give lecture to them occasionally.
I tried my best to share my knowledge to many.
They should watch every step they take.
They should know exactly what they are about to make.

I have no idea why they keep inviting me.
All I do is just doing some research, you see.
But I admire their courage to try.
At least these people know their ‘why’.

Someday I might quit my job as a professor.
I might start my own business instead of delivering lectures.
I am sure all theories that I learn will help me…
to realise that it is not working within one or two years or at most three!


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