Saturday morning

It was Saturday morning.
I was about to go to university, teaching.
But it was about to be raining,
while I was still driving.

I was about to be late.
My students of course must wait.
You couldn’t just say it was because of rain.
That was not what you should complain.

Can you help me come up with the new excuse?
Should I just say to them that the new road was built?
Or should I simply tell them I forgot.
Or should I say that I was confused with time slot?

At the end I arrived at university parking lot.
I was prepared to give my apology at my best shot.
I ran to the classroom and suddenly…
I found that the classroom was empty!

No one arrived on time.
This was why I wrote this rhyme.
I must wait for my students.
When they arrived I would tell them ‘Don’t you do this often’!


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