How to get lucky

I am considered myself lucky.
And I want to tell you the secret.
I have my dear friends and family.
And I have a job that I am interested.

To get lucky, you need to do six things.
It is not very hard.
I guarantee you they are interesting.
You don’t need money or being smart.

First, you need to ‘go where the ball will be’
You need to take action, understood?
If you want to be a famous actor/actress, you see.
Don’t stay home, you go to Hollywood.

Second, you need to ‘know many people’.
So don’t afraid to go to some parties.
You might receive a miracle.
You will never know it really.

Third, you need to ‘zig when others zag’.
You need to be different.
If others sell food, you sell snack.
When people talk, you are silent.

Fourth, you will ‘never give up’, never ever.
You also need passion.
If you want to be luckier,
Learn to follow this lesson.
Fifth, you need to ‘do many things’,
Don’t put your eggs into one basket.
You might fail nine out of ten, not worrying,
since the last one will give you enormous return, that’s a secret.

Sixth, ‘don’t believe in a lucky break’.
Such thing doesn’t exist.
You need to do it for your own sake.
Good luck comes when you persist.

That’s all my secrets.
That’s all I always do.
I have a proof, if you are interested.
The proof of my luck is that I found you.


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