My favourite books

I really love reading books.
That’s my favourite hobby.
I normally don’t know how much time it took.
to finish reading one book, really.

Many asked me what kind of book I like,
And I always struggle to find the answer.
There are too many interesting books in my life.
So I don’t know which one is better.

I thought I like academic books.
But I need to think again.
Because when I start to have a look.
I suddenly feel the pain.

How about the book that is related to football?
It is my most favourite sport.
But sometimes this is not a good call,
especially when you team just lost.

Or is it the book that can inspire you?
It teaches you how to live your life.
But I don’t need someone else tell me what to do.
You know, that duty belongs to my wife.

Until lately I thought I just found ones.
It’s not one or two books but three.
These books are surely second to none.
Since they were all written by me.


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