Five-minute rule

People keep asking me how I can finish task so fast.
Do I have any trick and can I let them know?
Yes I do and tell you, I am not that smart.
But I have very useful trick though.

The trick I use is called a five-minute rule.
It really works for me.
This is one of very powerful tools.
It makes you finish not only few tasks but many.

If the work consumes less than five minutes.
You just need to do it right away.
Don’t you hesitate a bit.
Just do it, that’s what I want to say.

For example, if you find one email,
that asks you yes or no question.
Don’t skip it, that’s what I can tell.
Just answer it without hesitation.

If you need to transfer money to someone,
with an app, it will take no more than a minute.
Grab your phone and that task will be done.
You see it’s so easy from start to finish.

How do I get this trick to improve my life?
OK I am about to tell you.
It simply comes from my wife.
“I give you five minutes, this is what you are going to do!”


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