The cheapest thing in the world

In Facebook, I noticed some arguments,
It happens since you finished your post and sent.
There will be someone who always disagree with you.
Saying the opposite is what they always do.

If you said, you liked this food.
They would tell you that was not really good.
When you said, you loved this man,
they would tell you that person they couldn’t stand.

If you said you loved this school.
They would say, no that was not cool.
If you said you supported this team.
They would say, they were terrible, it seemed.

So if you need to ask for approval from everyone,
the task can never be started and done.
Opinion is the cheapest thing you can receive.
It is so easy for everyone to give.

I am not saying that you should listen to no one.
You can listen and it’s better to have than none.
However you need to think by yourself.
It’s you, not the other, who can decide to use that help.


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