Teaching award

I don’t know whether this rhyme will bore you.
This is another rhyme telling about what I do.
I am a lecturer at the university.
I love my job, research and teaching particularly.

I just got another award for my teaching.
Results come from all lecturers’ voting.
I was a bit surprised, I didn’t think that I was that good.
Perhaps, other lecturers thought of me when they were in a good mood.

People asked me what my secrets are about teaching
I think that we should speak less and start listening.
I always ask my students, what they want to learn today.
When they said no, then I replied it was perfectly o.k.

But the ultimate secret is that I always learn from the great teachers.
One of them is Dr. Geoffrey Southern, my Ph.D. supervisor.
The other secret I would recommend and it works all the time
Teaching becomes more interesting when you speak in rhyme.


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