What is Ikigai?

Have you ever heard the Japanese term called Ikigai?
Do you know what it means?
I don’t know the word in English or Thai.
Or if there is then I have never heard or seen.

Ikigai is doing what you love, someone say,
and also doing what you are good at.
It’s also work that someone love to pay.
It’s what the world needs, no more than that.

How do you find your Ikigai?
How do you know what you love?
I think that the first step is to try.
Keep looking, dreaming, doing, and all of the above.

The true test is when you wake up in the morning,
what is the first thing that you do?
If you start your day with bad mood and always complaining.
I have nothing to say except good luck to you.

Do I find my own Ikigai?
I am thinking about this many time.
Perhaps Ikigai that is mine,
is simply writing this rhyme.


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