Secret of happiness

Yesterday I went to bed with my son and my wife.
We normally talked about many things every single night.
Yesterday I told my son about poem written by my friend, Harry.
It was about his poem that he wrote recently.

The poem was about his time machine.
He went back to see his parents in his house that he had been.
He saw a little him talking to his dad.
Then he had to go back and shed his tear, it was quite sad.

Then I was about to sleep and said good night.
I heard my son cried. I asked him ‘are you alright?’
He told me with his tear, ‘no I am so sad’.
He told me I don’t want both of you to die, dad.

I told him, it’s going to be o.k. at the end.
It’s o.k. for you to be sad, I totally comprehend.
Life is about changing and no one will live forever.
I am not going to lie, you should know the truth and that’s better.

I also told him some advises.
He listened to me telling him about life.
You don’t have to be happy all the time, I told my son.
If you try to do that, your life is going to be a miserable one.

Actually if you want to have a very happy life.
You don’t need do anything all day and all night.
I told him the time we need to be happy and this is how.
We only need to be happy, not today, not tomorrow but only NOW.


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