It’s time to quit

If you run too fast, you should stop.
You should quit when you are at the top.
If you work too much, then you should slow down.
It’s no later, you need to do it now.

Most people want to increase their productivity.
They do a lot of work with limited time daily.
They go to bed very late at night.
Everything they do has to be 100% right.

I used to have that terrible life.
My work schedule was really really tight.
I needed to attend too many meetings.
Very few of them were good time spending.

Now I know what I should do.
Back to basic, I quit and do what I suppose to.
I love writing and reading.
So long for all honourable positions, they were offering.

Thanks for such a good opportunity.
I am truly honoured to be part of it, really.
But I know what I can do best.
Writing and reading, no more and no less.


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