My textbook

As you may know I love to write since I was a child.
Because it always makes me smile.
I first published my own newspaper at the age of twelve.
I had done everything by myself.

When I became a professor at a business school,
I thought that writing a textbook is very cool.
Then I wrote seven textbooks.
I finally found out that my students never have a look.

Yes, some of them might read.
But I think they were not very pleased.
They only needed it for their exams.
After that it was just only their spam.

One day I asked one of my students.
Why my textbooks were thrown away so often?
The answer was simply “they are boring”.
You can look at their faces without mentioning.

Then I thought I can write a textbook that is fun.
I tried to find an example but there was none.
Then I started to write it again by myself.
Every morning without help.

It took me almost a year to finish writing, I remembered.
My book “The Secret of Performance Measurement” was finally a best seller.
Oh dear, this cannot be happening.
The contents were the same as the textbook that my students were throwing.

This is the proof that if you can turn a boring textbook into something fun.
You can make your students stunned.
Then they will remember the content better every time.
My next project is then to write the textbook in rhyme.


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