My stock investment

Do you want to invest in the stock market?
I guess many of you might be interested.
Before you do that, please listen to me.
I can give away my experience for free.

I first invested in stock nineteen years ago.
At that time, I thought I was a pro.
I bought one stock without knowing even the name of company.
Put it another way, I just bought it randomly.

Then I waited for a while.
Just to see its price declined.
Then I thought it was time to buy more, since it was cheap.
The price went further down, until I didn’t want to keep.

I decided to sell them all.
Expecting its price would continue to fall.
You may guess what happened next after I sold.
I felt like I was catching a cold.

The price went skyrocketed.
No way, I was not interested!
Again it kept increasing until I came back to buy.
After that, it fell down again, and I cried.

Well that was just one lesson in stock market.
Nineteen years passed but I never forget.
I don’t mean that you should not invest.
If you do it right, it can be the best.

How to do it right, is still what I am searching for.
Yes, I still invest even more.
And I love investing and it will never end.
Until I become the next Warren! (Buffet)


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