Traffic in Bangkok

In last two days, I kept thinking whether I should write this rhyme.
But now I think it’s about the time.
Do you know what most people in Bangkok go through every day?
If you live in Bangkok, you can definitely say.

For those of you who are not living here, I give you a test.
Do you know how long it takes me from my home to my workplace?
No, not one hour, or you think two is the most?
Well I can tell you that you are not even close!

I spend at least three hours every day on the road.
Some days, my car almost floats.
Yes you are right, it is now rainy season and it is raining.
But I don’t expect that it will be that flooding.

How can I survive in this situation?
Well I just don’t want to mention.
I used to finish reading one whole book in my car.
Because in three hours, it can’t travel very far.

In my car, I also write a rhyme.
Oh yes I have a plenty of time.
Next time I am thinking about writing the whole book.
I know I can do that without a fluke.

In Bangkok, if we can utilize time people spent on the road.
Our GDP can be up to two-digit growth.
Oh I think this is just a waste.
Our traffic system is simply a mess.

If you ask me why this problem occurs.
Government is the one I should refer.
But this time might not be the right time to tell.
Otherwise you guys can meet me in jail!


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