What is the meaning of creativity?
Is it the thing that new completely?
Have you ever seen it anywhere?
However, it is thing that many people care.

‘You got to have a creativity’, I often heard.
But you got to know its meaning first.
So, what is the creativity to me?
I think that it is some sort of energy, you see.

It cannot express itself.
So it will just need our help.
When creativity comes to us at any moment.
It just want us to do something that is different.

If we simply ignore it,
it might wait for us just a little bit.
Then it will finally disappear,
to find somebody else to implement that idea.

That explains why we always see others do thing that we used to think about.
Hey, that’s my idea! We often shout.
It used to be ours but not anymore.
It came to us but we just simply ignored.

Next time when creativity visits you,
now you know what you should actually do.
You stay with it and listen to it carefully.
I believe the results will be something extraordinary.


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