Nobody is perfect

My daughter used to tell me she wanted to be ‘nobody’.
I then asked her ‘why is that my sweetie?’
She then simply smiled…
and told me, ‘please guess, Dad, you can try’

I told her I had no idea.
If I guessed my answer will be never near.
Then she told me ‘Dad, nobody is perfect’.
‘I want to be perfect, then ‘nobody’ will be what I suppose to select’

I laughed and liked the way she thought.
Seems to me that ‘somebody’ is what most people sought.
But I also prefer to be ‘nobody’,
since I will always have time for my family.

It is no use to be ‘somebody’,
who needs to be successful at many things, I mean many.
Somebody mostly doesn’t have much time.
I am sure that they don’t have much chance to write or read many rhymes.

You might be an honorable guest for someone.
But to me, being honorable guest is not really fun.
I don’t want to be somebody who does not have much chance to talk with kids.
That life style, to me, is never fit.

Someone used to say, ’For kids, love spells T – I – M – E’.
If you have kids, spend much time with them, believe me.
If you think that you will work hard and then you will have time for them in the future.
You may have time but they will grow up and go away so that chance, sometime, never.

Perhaps this is the true meaning of ‘nobody is perfect’.
This is the life style that I would prefer to select.
I don’t want to be a successful professor/investor/writer.
Only thing I always want to be is a very happy father.


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