My blog

I just knew how to write a blog.
Since then I keep writing around the clock.
I found myself spending time writing stories.
Even though I know that few people will read it, really.

I just don’t know why writing interests me a lot.
When I start to write, I can go from plot to plot.
I guess because I really love to read.
So writing is like a tree that grows from reading, which is the seed.

I am not saying that my writing is really good.
I know that my readers are very polite, they are not rude.
They say a lot of nice things about my writing.
So I always thank them for their blessings.

So if you have time, you can go to my blog to have a look.
I promise that it will take you much less time comparing to reading a book.
Again thank you for all readers who always make my day.
I am so grateful for every word that you are about to say.


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