Do you know what the word ‘friend’ mean?
As long as I remember, I have this question since I was thirteen.
At that time I thought that I had many ‘friends’?
And also thought that our friendship would never end.

Time goes by and now I rarely meet them.
But I feel just fine, I don’t have any problem.
Does it mean that they are no longer my friends?
Or is our friendship going to an end?

No, I think that friendship is a state of mind.
It is something you can feel especially when you cry.
You feel that you have someone you can count on.
You can hear they say, hey pal, come on!

I am so lucky to have many true friends.
They are lovely men and women.
Do you want to know who they are, what they do?
Oh, my friend, my answer is that it is you.


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