My puppy love

When I was fourteen,
I met a girl at a tutoring school.
She was the most gorgeous, I’ve ever seen.
She was really beautiful.

Her name is Duangrudee.
I remember it quite well.
I really love her name, you see.
So it must be a destiny, I could tell.

But I didn’t’ have a gut to talk to her.
I was just very shy.
When I met her, everything was blurred.
So what I did was just smile.

Until the last day of the school,
I knew I would never meet her again.
If I didn’t talk to her very soon,
It would be the end of story, my friend.

I remember that day,
she was waiting for the bus.
So this was my last chance, I could say.
Talking to her was a must.

I walked straight to her at the end.
Suddenly I noticed someone.
That one was her boyfriend.
I didn’t know what to do but run.

That was story of my puppy love,
The first love of my teenager’s life.
This was a true story, all of the above.
But would you please not telling my wife?


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