Do we need a university?

Someone said that university will no longer exist. To me, this might be true but now it’s a myth. How can we learn without going to a university? Someone said, you can learn online, but is it that easy? Which YouTube channel will you look for? How do you know what subject you need to... Continue Reading →

TED Talk

Yesterday I was invited to speak at TED Talk. Before that I have to practice how to speak, how to walk. It was such a great experience meeting interesting people. All of their work are simply a miracle. The topic I talked was about university. They were about to go bankrupt very soon really. In... Continue Reading →

Can you answer these questions?

I have questions for you, questions that I didn’t think I knew. Start with this one, If poison expires, will it be more or less poisonous and why? Oxygen can possibly kill people. It just takes 80+ years to work, is this possible? If you try to clean something, you make something else dirty, isn’t... Continue Reading →

I don’t understand

I am not a native English speaker. So there are lots of questions, I can’t answer. For example, the word ‘scent’ which letter, S or C, is silent? Why is the letter ‘W’ in English called double U not double V? What do I miss? Why isn’t a fireman called a waterman? This one I... Continue Reading →

My car was running of out gas

My car was running out of gas. And traffic really made me mad. I was on the express way. What should I do? What do you say? I posted the picture on the Facebook, so my friends could have a look. Someone told me ‘no worry’. I feel like ‘what did you just say, really?’... Continue Reading →

Happiness or success

Which one do you want more, which one do you want less If you need to choose between happiness and success? Before you can find this answer, you must be able to tell how they differ. Success is ‘getting what you want’, you see. It is how to get what doesn’t belong to me. Happiness... Continue Reading →


Lately, I am addicted to the podcast. I think it is really interesting. I am not claiming that I am smart. But this is the new toy I am playing. Normally when I drive a car every day, I listen to the music on the radio. But right now I can listen to what people... Continue Reading →

I love rain

Do you like rain? Yes I do, personally. Do you know the reason my friends? I can tell you, I have a theory. My mom used to tell me, it was a rainy day, when I was born, you see. I came with the rain, she says. She was thinking about my nickname, She thought... Continue Reading →

Five-minute rule

People keep asking me how I can finish task so fast. Do I have any trick and can I let them know? Yes I do and tell you, I am not that smart. But I have very useful trick though. The trick I use is called a five-minute rule. It really works for me. This... Continue Reading →

The cheapest thing in the world

In Facebook, I noticed some arguments, It happens since you finished your post and sent. There will be someone who always disagree with you. Saying the opposite is what they always do. If you said, you liked this food. They would tell you that was not really good. When you said, you loved this man,... Continue Reading →

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