Humble brag

I have come across the term ‘humble bragging’. At first, I am not really sure what it means. But I found it quite interesting. Then I thought of the evidence I’ve seen. It can be found on Facebook posts easily, when someone tried to convey their messages. It is quite easy to figure it out,... Continue Reading →


My favourite books

I really love reading books. That’s my favourite hobby. I normally don’t know how much time it took. to finish reading one book, really. Many asked me what kind of book I like, And I always struggle to find the answer. There are too many interesting books in my life. So I don’t know which... Continue Reading →

Have you found your Ikigai?

I just finished reading a book entitled ‘Ikigai’. It comes from the Japanese. I read it both in English and Thai. And I would recommend you to read. Ikigai is what you should look for. There are four components. If you find it then you want no more. It will be like you are working... Continue Reading →

How to get lucky

I am considered myself lucky. And I want to tell you the secret. I have my dear friends and family. And I have a job that I am interested. To get lucky, you need to do six things. It is not very hard. I guarantee you they are interesting. You don’t need money or being... Continue Reading →

Saturday morning

It was Saturday morning. I was about to go to university, teaching. But it was about to be raining, while I was still driving. I was about to be late. My students of course must wait. You couldn’t just say it was because of rain. That was not what you should complain. Can you help... Continue Reading →

Trip to Japan

Last week I left Thailand to do research in Japan. I really love this country. Their food and people are lovely. I had a chance to do what I like, doing research in other country with kids and wife. I also love weather here as well. It is not too warm or too cold that... Continue Reading →

What do I do?

When I meet new people, they often asked ‘what do you do?’ I told them I am a university professor and a researcher too. But tell you the truth, lately I didn’t teach students. I also didn’t have a chance to do my research as often. So what do I do nowadays? All I do... Continue Reading →

So tired

I am now totally burn out. I really want to shout. What I do now is not what I like Taking a break or even resign, yes I might. I am going beyond the word ‘busy’. Everything must be done right now, yeah really. Like today I have to travel more than 1,000 miles. Just... Continue Reading →

The equation of love

When two people are in love, this equation starts. Love is the product of two numbers, and I think this idea is smart. I find it true and also find it fun. It really explains why people say ‘two become one’. Let’s say, you are 1 and your lover is also 1. So 1 times... Continue Reading →

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