Happy Father’s Day

Today is the Father’s Day in Thailand. So I take the opportunity to write this rhyme. To me, my dad is the greatest man, who always give me a wonderful time. I considered myself very lucky, that I still have a chance to meet him every single day. He started to have an Alzheimer’s disease... Continue Reading →

Being a professor

One of my goals since I became a university lecturer was to become a university full professor. I just got promotion to be a professor finally. Yes I confess, I am quite happy. Then people asked me how to become one. At first, I loved to answer, I thought that it was fun. But tell... Continue Reading →

Meeting meeting meeting

Do you think that I love meeting? Well, I will tell you something amazing. Meeting starts with the arrival of the chairman. He/she will say, hello everyone, let’s look at the plan. Then you will hear people speak. It will take a long time, to me, I feel like a week. The others do nothing... Continue Reading →

The sea

After a long period of work, I just had a wonderful holiday. I went to Hua Hin, one of my most favourite places, you can say. What I love the most is sitting and watching the sea. I sat quietly, just only my family and me. When I was a child, I remembered my perfect... Continue Reading →

Do we need a university?

Someone said that university will no longer exist. To me, this might be true but now it’s a myth. How can we learn without going to a university? Someone said, you can learn online, but is it that easy? Which YouTube channel will you look for? How do you know what subject you need to... Continue Reading →

TED Talk

Yesterday I was invited to speak at TED Talk. Before that I have to practice how to speak, how to walk. It was such a great experience meeting interesting people. All of their work are simply a miracle. The topic I talked was about university. They were about to go bankrupt very soon really. In... Continue Reading →

Can you answer these questions?

I have questions for you, questions that I didn’t think I knew. Start with this one, If poison expires, will it be more or less poisonous and why? Oxygen can possibly kill people. It just takes 80+ years to work, is this possible? If you try to clean something, you make something else dirty, isn’t... Continue Reading →

I don’t understand

I am not a native English speaker. So there are lots of questions, I can’t answer. For example, the word ‘scent’ which letter, S or C, is silent? Why is the letter ‘W’ in English called double U not double V? What do I miss? Why isn’t a fireman called a waterman? This one I... Continue Reading →

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