Why we do what we do?

Why are we eating too much even we know quite well, it is not good? I always make a fuss. There must be something in our food. Why don’t we regularly exercise? Don’t we know that it is good for our health? I just don’t know why. I can’t really answer it myself. Most people... Continue Reading →


I don’t have any mood to write

This happens to me for a while. I just didn’t have any mood to write and I don’t know why. Perhaps lately I have been very busy. But I used to be like that and I could write many things really. Perhaps, I don’t have any topic to write. Perhaps, my schedule is really tight.... Continue Reading →

The road not taken

What if I didn’t meet my wife? What would happen to my life? What if I didn’t study engineering? What if I studied marketing? What if I didn’t go to study in UK? What would happen to me, who could say? What if I didn’t get my Ph.D.? What if I didn’t have any degree?... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning

If you ask me ‘when is my most favourite time of the week?’ I would just say ‘every moment’. But when is the time that my emotion is at its peak, the time that my emotion is the least intense? It is going to be Sunday morning, when I have time to read and write.... Continue Reading →


Twenty years ago I went to USA to study for my first master degree. I really had difficult days, since I missed my girlfriend and my family. At that time there was no chat application. And it was so expensive to make a phone call. So it was really rare occasion that I can call... Continue Reading →

Letter from my dad

Yesterday my mom gave me the letter. And I was quite surprised. She told me that it was written by my father. So I read it within that night. It was written in 1987, when I was only fifteen. It was about my birthday present. But I couldn’t remember that I’ve ever seen. One sentence... Continue Reading →

The sign of teenagers

I know the sign of teenagers. They spend a long time in front of mirror. When talking to their friends, they always whisper. When asking about their days, they always say ‘I’ve had better’. Taking a bath will last about an hour. They won’t listen to you, I mean never. They don’t really know what... Continue Reading →

Learn more

Learning is something that you can’t stop. You are never too old to study. If you want to be at the top, You must learn something new daily. I used to hate to learn, since I was a kid. But now it’s just like my turn, to tell you about what I did. I am... Continue Reading →

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