What do I do?

When I meet new people, they often asked ‘what do you do?’ I told them I am a university professor and a researcher too. But tell you the truth, lately I didn’t teach students. I also didn’t have a chance to do my research as often. So what do I do nowadays? All I do... Continue Reading →


So tired

I am now totally burn out. I really want to shout. What I do now is not what I like Taking a break or even resign, yes I might. I am going beyond the word ‘busy’. Everything must be done right now, yeah really. Like today I have to travel more than 1,000 miles. Just... Continue Reading →

The equation of love

When two people are in love, this equation starts. Love is the product of two numbers, and I think this idea is smart. I find it true and also find it fun. It really explains why people say ‘two become one’. Let’s say, you are 1 and your lover is also 1. So 1 times... Continue Reading →


I spend most of my time right now in meetings. Tell you the truth, I don’t think it provides any meaning. I hear many people talk. Some people read Facebook or even walk. After the meeting, there is nothing new. Most people say nothing, they just sit still. Some people just love sharing their idea.... Continue Reading →


Everyone is now talking about startup. They are talking at the office, at home, or even in pubs. So what is startup by the way? It is the business that can change the world, some people say. Startup is the business that is repeatable and scalable. It can reach millions of people like a miracle.... Continue Reading →

The measure of love

Can I measure ‘love’? Counting money, time, thing or all of the above? How do I know how much you love me? Can I quantify it so I can really see? Should I count the number of time when we meet? Should I count time when you are with me when I need? Should I... Continue Reading →

Letter to my future self

Dear my future self. How is your current health? I hope you still remember me. I am your past self, you see. Now I am only forty four. Yes that was thirty years ago. I wrote you this letter. I wrote to myself in the future. I know you are now quite old. What is... Continue Reading →

Comfort zone

Someone told me to ‘get out of the comfort zone’. So I did and now I feel like living alone. There are many new things to be learned. Something to look for every move and turn. I am now in the process of finding my new life balance. It’s balance between ‘yes I can’ and... Continue Reading →

Knowledge = 1/Ego

Someone told me an interesting equation, It’s so true without any question. “Knowledge is the reciprocal of ego”. That applies to normal people and also heroes. When your ego is so high, you will not accept new knowledge since you are practically blind. You will think that you are better than everyone. You might even... Continue Reading →

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