We are moving

After spending 45 years in the same place, It is now time to move, the decision was made. We are moving into the new house, my parents, my kids and my spouse. The new house is located near the old place. However we now have a larger space. My son also has a chance to... Continue Reading →


I consider myself an introvert, although many people said I am an academic expert. I don’t like to be famous, Only thing I need is reading a book and eating peanut. I don’t like to argue with people, especially when they think that it is their battle. I hate confrontation, I also hate every managerial... Continue Reading →


About a year ago, thief came to our house. No no no, they didn’t come here to catch a mouse. They stole our money. And cops couldn’t get him, oh yes, really. Time went by and now it’s almost a year. We couldn’t sleep well, we were living in fear. We had set up the... Continue Reading →

Vacation time

Since the term has begun in January, I work seven days a week, oh yes I have been very busy. But now the term is about to end. It is now vacation time, my friends. I decided to take time off and went to Hua Hin beach. I even left the school just right after... Continue Reading →


Do you know what the word ‘friend’ mean? As long as I remember, I have this question since I was thirteen. At that time I thought that I had many ‘friends’? And also thought that our friendship would never end. Time goes by and now I rarely meet them. But I feel just fine, I... Continue Reading →

My blog

I just knew how to write a blog. Since then I keep writing around the clock. I found myself spending time writing stories. Even though I know that few people will read it, really. I just don’t know why writing interests me a lot. When I start to write, I can go from plot to... Continue Reading →

Football match reunion

Football match reunion Today I went to play football with friends from high school. The match started at two o’clock in the afternoon. We spent about two hours on the field, to play and show our latest football skills. We all remembered the time that we had some fun. That was about thirty years ago... Continue Reading →

Two important days in our lives

Someone said there two most important days in our lives. The first day is your birthday when you first saw the light. The second day is the day you know what you were born for. Then you don’t want to know something else anymore. I can’t really remember my first day. So I am looking... Continue Reading →

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