Happy Anniversary My Wife

Sixteen years ago, my life has changed, when we got married. Everything was very well arranged, since started until finished. Time flies, and now I am living my dream. I mean, living with you. I feel like I am in heaven, it seems. You can call my dream comes true. You are a very good... Continue Reading →


Comfort zone

Do you know what ‘comfort zone’ mean? I just really want to know. This word is very often seen. But it’s still very confusing though. Someone told me to get out of the comfort zone. But I asked them why. They answered that it means I’ve grown. And I am reaching the sky. So I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday My Daughter

Happy Birthday my daughter. You are such a lovely girl. You are now a teenager. You are always my whole world. I remember when you were a baby. You woke me up every night. I was so tired really. But your sleeping face was what I really liked. When you were getting older, you went... Continue Reading →

UK experience

I had been in UK for two weeks. And I loved it a lot. I went to many places that I would like to speak. Everything was lovely except the weather was a bit hot. First I went to Edinburgh, the beautiful city. I used to be there many times. But I still love it,... Continue Reading →

Scary moment

My dad has an Alzheimer’s disease, as you may know. Doctor said it is hard to cure and make it go. So I wish my dad to be very happy. I take that as one of my main responsibilities. I know that he loves to ride a bike. He told me stories about what activity... Continue Reading →

What makes your heart sink

Today I read one book, which is quite interesting. It is about how to give a sensational speech, so I keep reading. The author suggested that we should talk about what makes our heart sink. At first, I am quite confused, I can’t find the obvious link. Then I understand, if it really means to... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday My Son

Happy Birthday my son, To me, you are always the special one. I watch you grow every day. You are such a wonderful kid in your way. I know you love to protect animals’ right. I know when someone hurt them, you will always fight. I know you love to protect environment. I know you... Continue Reading →

We are moving

After spending 45 years in the same place, It is now time to move, the decision was made. We are moving into the new house, my parents, my kids and my spouse. The new house is located near the old place. However we now have a larger space. My son also has a chance to... Continue Reading →

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